, an online pharmacy based in Canada, was well known as a reliable supplier of safe, effective and affordable medical drugs. However, this source of medicines is no longer available to a huge number of loyal customers, and here’s why. History


Starting from July 13, 2018, when entering into your browsed address, you won’t see the usual pharmacy site as you would expect. Instead, you will find a single page with FDA and USA Department of Justice logos on top of it, and a short text stating that the store was blocked for violating the laws dealing with pharmaceutical trade. At the same time, no specific reason is mentioned – whether it was trafficking counterfeit drugs, dispensing prescription drugs without a prescription, or possibly other violations.

You may find it not surprising since scam pharmacies selling fake medication have been mushrooming in the recent years, and the harm caused by such websites is obvious. However, it wasn’t the case of Canada Drugs. The store founded back in 2001 has been a certified pharmacy and was a member of the Pharmacy Checker program since 2005. The drugs were imported from Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand, with all suppliers having verified licenses.

Americans were the main customers of the pharmacy, as in the US lifesaving drugs have been difficult to access for many people. Constantly rising prices are one of the main reasons for the drug inaccessibility. According to statistics, the health of Americans is deteriorating every year, and difficult access to medicines plays a significant role here. Therefore, starting a pharmacy that allowed buying safe, effective and less expensive medicines from Canada was a great relief for many. That said, operating for more than 15 years, Canada Drugs has earned a reputation of a reliable retailer that provides high-quality products. Buyers also appreciated customer-friendly service: free delivery, easy returns and a referral system. What happened and why the US government contributed to the closure of one of the most necessary and reliable sources of drugs for Americans?

A batch of counterfeit drugs entering the market was a formal reason for that. The owner of the Canada Drugs website runs a separate wholesale company, which sold a fake batch of Avastin, a medication for cancer treatment, to another pharmaceutical company. It should be noted that the counterfeit Avastin was never listed on the mentioned website. Moreover, for comparison, when it was discovered that the website, owned by one of the largest US corporations, was selling a counterfeit product, the same measure was not undertaken.

Considering how the international online pharmacies are tried to be discredited by the FDA in the recent years, many market researchers see the true reason in the ambitions of US pharmaceutical giants to control the market even at the cost of the citizens’ health. In fact, in 2013 the FDA published a report that emphasized the dangers of online pharmacies, especially those operating from abroad. At the same time, the important role of such pharmacies in supplying Americans with affordable and safe medicines was completely ignored.

According to statistics, about 10 million Americans go without their necessary medication due to high drug prices. This can lead to the progression of their diseases and death. However, the FDA has been urging the people not to buy drugs through international online pharmacies, despite the fact that many of them operate legally and sell high-quality prescription drugs for a much cheaper price. Measures taken by the federal enforcement may result in fewer people purchasing life-saving drugs due to incorrect information spread by the FDA about legitimate online pharmacies. At the same time, the response report made by the president of the Pharmacy Checker project contains a full-fledged research demonstrating that legitimate international pharmacies are not only safe, but make a huge positive contribution to public health. In addition, over the past 15 years Americans have been actively buying drugs from Canada and not a single case of death or severe adverse effects from taking certified drugs purchased from abroad has been documented. However, the number of deaths that occurred due to the failure of acquiring prescribed drugs is worth considering.

The conclusions that can be drawn from the situation with the site can only be described as sad. While the pharmacy remains inaccessible, which is unlikely to change, the FDA, working in tandem with the giants of the US pharmaceutical industry, continues to educate Americans to avoid international online pharmacies. However, with the closure of an important source of inexpensive medicines such as Canada Drugs, there are still dozens, if not hundreds of other major retailers which allow to order drugs from abroad. In order to avoid risk of running into a scam pharmacy, it is recommended to use well-known, long-standing stores that have many positive user reviews.

How to choose an online pharmacy for quality products?

  1. Ask your friends for advice. A simple way to find a reliable pharmacy is to ask people who are already using a certain online store for some time and can assure they never experienced problems with the pharmacy or its products. It’s great if there are such people in your environment; otherwise, reviews and discussions on the issue-related forums can provide you with the necessary information.
  2. Run a simple website check-up for the pharmacy you want to deal with. Determine how old is the domain using one of the free utilities. Note when the website was created – older stores are more reliable to use. Check if you can consult a pharmacist through the website, if the phone number and physical address are listed. You can check the site for security threats – malware distribution or phishing attacks – using Google Safe Browsing or other utilities.

What alternative pharmacies offer affordable quality drugs?

Undoubtedly, there are many pharmacies that can deliver an unpleasant experience in terms of product quality. For safe and convenient shopping, we suggest a number pharmacies with a large selection of drugs in different directions:

All of these have a similar history and appeared as a result of the huge demand for quality medicines at more affordable prices. Drugs from Canada, Europe and Asia, even considering the shipping costs and other additional expenses, can help Americans save a lot on their medication. In addition, the pharmaceutical boom in India and China makes it possible to supply almost all other countries of the world with inexpensive drugs. While the sites contain medicines in all major areas, users will appreciate the ease of shopping, discounts, promotions and convenient payment methods.

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