5 Best Online Canadian Pharmacies According To Texaswellandhealthy: Pros and Cons, a Detailed Overview


Do you want to buy safe and effective medications at affordable prices without leaving your home? The good news is that there is a large selection of online Canadian pharmacies offering an extensive assortment of prescription and over-the-counter medicines along with attractive prices and worldwide shipping services. We have compiled the list of top 5 platforms that are worth your attention and trust, so that it is easier for you to choose the best option.

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CanadaDrugStop.com was opened more than 15 years ago ― in 2003. Its mission is to help patients from every corner of the world to cut their drug expenses to a minimum. Using this platform, customers can save up to 90%. Over the period of its operation, this company has helped hundreds of thousands of clients to get access to affordable medicines from licensed Canadian drugstores, as well as international facilities. As of today, CanadaDrugStop.com is a well-known platform that enjoys the trust and respect of customers and partners from all over the globe.

Speaking about the clients’ feedback, the majority of them are satisfied with both the quality of goods and the prices. They claim that the shipping fees are low as well. The quality of the customer support is also high enough. There are no complaints about counterfeit products or anything like that.

Still, some users report that this company encourages clients to send checks via mail instead of paying by credit card. However, it is up to customers to choose an optimal payment method.

The advantages provided by CanadaDrugStop.com:

  • 24/7 customer support. You can count on the professional assistance in dealing with any procedures: from creating a personal account on the website to solving delivery problems.
  • Courier shipping services. That will help you save time and effort, as well as protect your privacy.
  • A huge assortment of healthcare products. Even if you do not find the item you need in the catalog, a consultant will make every effort to help you and will even search for it at other stores.

The top priority of CanadaDrugStop.com is to help their clients save on medications, consequently, in addition to original brand products, which can be costly enough, they offer affordable alternatives ― generics. On their website you can see special tables showing all the alternatives available and comparing their prices. For example, if you need the popular drug for erectile dysfunction Viagra, you can save about 50% by opting for generic Sildenafil pills. Both products contain the same active substance and provide the same effect, but the generic variant is cheaper, since it is produced by a different pharma company.

As for the products that enjoy the highest popularity among users of this website, they include Viagra, Allegra, Plavix, Abilify, Diovan.

Canadian Family Pharmacy

As one can understand from the name of the platform, Canadian Family Pharmacy is the website for searching medications for all the members of the family and finding the optimal healthcare solutions. It is a convenient tool for finding the lowest drug prices and useful information about medicines, Internet drugstores, health problems, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

The users of this website choose it for the exceptional convenience in the first place. There you can find all the information needed to buy suitable medicines on the most advantageous terms. This platform provides customers with price comparison charts that help to make the right choice, as well as 24/7 support and assistance of qualified pharmacists. More to the point, clients can count on free shipping services, if a sum of an order reaches $150.

Here is the list of additional advantages offered by Canadian Family Pharmacy:

  • 100% privacy;
  • automatic prescription refills;
  • offers from reliable and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers only;
  • additional services for an ultimate shopping experience.

It is noteworthy that Canadian Family Pharmacy is not engaged in the distribution process itself. It acts as an informational platform only. Still, the use of this website will make your shopping experience much more profitable: you will receive access to time-limited promotions, exclusive products, varied sales and other goodies!

In addition, this website offers a great advantage to male users ― attractive prices on medicines for erectile dysfunction. On the website of Canadian Family Pharmacy you can find dozens of beneficial offers on generic medications for ED. In fact, today the majority of customers prefer using generic products, since that allows them to reduce drug expenses by several times without compromising the health. Besides, on this website steady customers are frequently provided with discounts on ED medications, as well as special coupons.

Apart from ED medications, the most popular products at Canadian Family Pharmacy include Advair, Propecia, Lipitor, Lamictal, Zetia. Using this platform, you will always stay informed about the most advantageous online offers on medications. Visit MyCanadianFamilyPharmacy.com and see that for yourself.

Jan Drugs

If you want to have a consultation with a qualified and experienced pharmacist on the Internet, the best option is to turn to Jan Drugs. This company possesses an international license from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba and can boast the membership of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. So, one can safely claim that the first priority of this company is the safety of products, which results in the security of the customer’s health. You can be absolutely sure that all the products from their catalog are characterized by the highest quality and provide the therapeutic effects specified by their manufacturers.

According to reviews, customers save up to 50% on prescription medicines, thanks to Jan Drugs. In addition, they report that the pharmacists working for the company are always ready to help to choose the suitable product and to answer all the user’s questions. Besides, many clients from outside Canada highlight that they have received their orders within two weeks only, and that is superfast, comparing to the terms offered by other websites.

Prices at JanDrugs.com are not simply lower than at traditional offline pharmacies. This company offers the 30-day cheapest price guarantee, which means that customers can be sure that they purchase brand and generic medications on the most beneficial terms available. And that is complemented with the worldwide shipping within 2 weeks, which makes this pharmacy a perfect choice for international clients. One should also note that this company pays much attention to the security of the users’ personal information and offers the ID theft protection along with the transparent and honest privacy policy. Certainly, the customer support on this website is available 24/7. The only disadvantage of Jan Drugs is that they require customers to send prescriptions via email or fax in order to buy any prescription medicines, and that takes extra time and effort.

Speaking about prices on ED drugs, such medications are about 50% cheaper than at ordinary local drugstores. Besides medications for ED, customers of this pharmacy often purchase Nexium, Lipitor, Wellbutrin, Plavix.

Maple Leaf Meds

Ordering medications from Maple Leaf Meds, you can cut drug expenses by up to 70%. This website presents offers from leading online Canadian pharmacies, so that you can easily and quickly choose the most advantageous ones. Due to the governmental regulation of drug prices, medications at all the Canadian pharmacies are much cheaper than at many foreign facilities. And the prices are identical for both local citizens and customers from abroad.

According to the reviews left by customers of Maple Leaf Meds, this platform offers a good selection of useful functions. For example, on this platform you can check how much you can save on the healthcare product selected and compare the price before and after in order to choose the most suitable supplier. Besides, clients note that the navigation and the order registration are easy and fast.

Here are the key pluses of Maple Leaf Meds:

  • It gathers highly advantageous offers on brand and generic medications from reputable and trustworthy licensed Canadian drugstores.
  • This company takes special care of the safety of the users’ personal information. All the data are carefully protected, and all the orders are sent directly to the customers’ addresses.
  • The website of this drugstore is both intuitive and user-friendly. Also, in the case of any difficulties or questions, a user can turn to the customer service team, and they will help to choose a suitable product, to place an order or to deal with any other issue.
  • The safety and quality of each product is 100% guaranteed.

As for the cons of Maple Leaf Meds, the only one is that they do not accept Visa and MasterCard payments, so, you will have to use American Express.

At MapleLeafMeds.com you can order brand ED medications at pretty cheap prices, as well as their generic versions at the prices that can be 5 times lower! As for the list of the most sought-after items, it comprises Lipitor, Januvia, Actos, Propecia and Viagra.

In general, this Canadian pharmacy is worth trying, due to a large selection of medicines, attractive prices and convenience.

Now it will be easier for you to select the online drugstore that will perfectly meet your needs. Visit the websites of the pharmacies mentioned above right now and stop overpaying for medications and their delivery.