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    vision of health care for every child, family, and patient
    who needs it.

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On Tuesday, September 16, the U.S. Census Bureau released annual estimates on health insurance coverage based on the Current Population Survey (CPS) and the American Community Survey. To better understand the difference between the two surveys, view our side-by-side comparison. The new data released today are for 2013, and do not include the effects of the full implementation [...]

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Most of us will end up in an emergency room at some point.  And when we do, we’ll probably have no choice which physicians treat us and no ability to ensure they are part of our insurance company’s network of preferred providers. As Texas consumers, we may reasonably expect that if treated in an in-network [...]

The ACA and You

With the Senate State Affairs holding a hearing on the ACA today, 19 organizations sent the following letter to all Texas state legislators urging them to inform their constituents about their health insurance options under the ACA. Open enrollment for the Marketplace starts two months from today, running from November 15 to February 15. The full text [...]

Texas families would benefit from Medicaid

Recently, CCF teamed up with the researchers at the Urban Institute to take a first look at how the Affordable Care Act is impacting the rate of uninsured children. The high level data indicates that, so far, there has been no detectable change nationally, although children’s uninsured rates remains at historically low levels. But state [...]


Join us October 14 from 8-12:30 p.m. in Austin for a statewide gathering of Texans working on outreach, enrollment, application assistance, closing the coverage gap, and Medicaid-CHIP enrollment support. There is no charge for the meeting, which is hosted by the Cover Texas Now coalition, but registration is required. Scholarships for travel costs are available. Register here. Participants are also invited to attend, at [...]


It’s getting harder and harder for Governors to say no to the great deal being offered to them through the Medicaid expansion option.  Just last week Pennsylvania reached agreement with the federal government on a Medicaid expansion waiver and news stories show possible movement in Wyoming, Utah and Tennessee. This new momentum forward shows that [...]

County Judges

Leaders of six of the state’s largest counties — ranging from Harris County’s Republican Judge Emmett to Dallas County’s Democratic Judge Jenkins — have joined together to call on state leaders to find a “uniquely Texas solution” to covering uninsured low-wage workers. Their letter came out as legislators met to discuss alternatives to Medicaid expansion [...]

Medicaid Income Eligibility Limits

We know that thanks to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, America’s children are – overall – benefiting from historically high rates of health coverage (over 90% of U.S. children are now covered) even through some states still lag behind.  However, low-income parents of dependent children around the country are not so fortunate if [...]


It was a busy day for health care in a couple courtrooms today. But Texans can rest assured that financial assistance is still available for the insurance they bought on healthcare.gov; their insurance hasn’t been affected; and financial help should still be available to buy insurance when open enrollment for healthcare.gov starts again on November [...]

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In Texas, 1.4 million low-income residents lack access to health insurance. If Texas chooses to accept federal dollars to close this gap in health coverage, the state stands to gain not only better health outcomes, but also new job creation and increased economic growth. Those who would most benefit from closing the health coverage gap [...]

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