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Let’s clear up a few misstatements about what happens to hospital emergency room visits after states expand Medicaid. Studies from Oregon, California, and Arkansas show that their ER visits and expenditures declined after those states expanded Medicaid, although in some cases there was a brief, initial increase. The Oregon report has been cited as evidence that ER visits increase. But here’s [...]

CTN Lege Agenda

We work with a larger cohort of organizations under the coalition Cover Texas Now (CTN), which brings consumer and Faith-based organizations together to ensure Texas implements a sustainable health care system and provides quality affordable health coverage to its citizens. CTN recently finalized its legislative agenda for the 84th Texas Legislature, and it includes many [...]


During the September 30, 2014 Texas gubernatorial debate, Sen. Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott had a 7-minute exchange about Medicaid expansion. Below is a transcription of the exchange between the two candidates. Click here to jump to the point of the video of this exchange, which starts at the 29:34 mark. Jeffers: Attorney [...]

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Last week the Commonwealth Fund released a report showing a dramatic increase in the percentage of Latinos who have health insurance nationwide. That’s the good news. When Americans started buying insurance through the federal Marketplace last fall, 36 percent of Latinos were uninsured. Now, less than a year later, 23 percent are uninsured. That means [...]

percent of uninsured young

When the ACA was signed into law, I was still in college, sitting in the basement of the student union half working on a group project, and half following the news. My friends and I were ecstatic to be a part of this momentous time in history. As young adults on the cusp of entering [...]

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is underway now and runs through Oct. 15. Here are three reasons that Hispanic Heritage Month makes a compelling time to talk about health insurance. 1) Texas had a higher-than-average rate of Latino participation in the first open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act. It’s great that outreach and enrollment groups here did [...]

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On Tuesday, September 16, the U.S. Census Bureau released annual estimates on health insurance coverage based on the Current Population Survey (CPS) and the American Community Survey. To better understand the difference between the two surveys, view our side-by-side comparison. The new data released today are for 2013, and do not include the effects of the full implementation [...]

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Most of us will end up in an emergency room at some point.  And when we do, we’ll probably have no choice which physicians treat us and no ability to ensure they are part of our insurance company’s network of preferred providers. As Texas consumers, we may reasonably expect that if treated in an in-network [...]

The ACA and You

With the Senate State Affairs holding a hearing on the ACA today, 19 organizations sent the following letter to all Texas state legislators urging them to inform their constituents about their health insurance options under the ACA. Open enrollment for the Marketplace starts two months from today, running from November 15 to February 15. The full text [...]

Texas families would benefit from Medicaid

Recently, CCF teamed up with the researchers at the Urban Institute to take a first look at how the Affordable Care Act is impacting the rate of uninsured children. The high level data indicates that, so far, there has been no detectable change nationally, although children’s uninsured rates remains at historically low levels. But state [...]

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