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It’s time to get to work, folks. With the election behind us, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of health coverage in Texas and across the country as state and federal leaders suddenly face the task of turning their health care rhetoric into actual policy decisions. But we are certain about one […]


This post was written by Kamia Rathore and it’s CPPP’s second post in our Countdown to Coverage series.  Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect, the number of uninsured veterans has dropped nationally. This trend has filtered down to Texas, but our state still has about 72,000 veterans who lack insurance—meaning Texas has the highest number of […]


  We’re excited to launch a new campaign today to give YOU another way to stand up for uninsured Texans! Right now in Texas, there are moms who have cancer but can’t get the treatment they need. Dads who can’t pay for their depression medication. Child care teachers, construction workers, and cooks one wrong step away from […]


This post was written by Stacey Pogue and Melissa McChesney and it’s the first post of several in CPPP’s Countdown to Coverage series.  We’re kicking off our annual blog series leading into the fourth open enrollment, the period when people can up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. It’s important to first identify the challenges […]


As the Legislature prepares to address the expiring 1115 Medicaid Waiver, and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee holds a hearing Tuesday on the Waiver, let’s take a look at what’s at stake for the state and for your county. With the stopgap Waiver extension expiring in 15 months, the state must craft a Texas plan to expand […]

Stacey Pogue

Several insurers have announced plans to withdraw from the Marketplace in 2017, both in Texas and nationally.  Aetna, United Healthcare, and Scott and White have each announced that they will not offer plans on the Texas Marketplace in 2017.  Humana has indicated that it will exit some state Marketplaces, participating in 11 states in 2017 […]


You already know that by turning down federal Medicaid expansion funding our state leaders are making line cooks and child care teachers sicker, making families poorer, and making our economy weaker. A new report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities now shows that if our state leaders don’t take action on health care in 2017, […]


A Texas Senate Committee travelling the state to discuss property tax reform is hearing loud and clear that accepting Medicaid expansion funding should be part of their strategy, and now they’ve received a response to many of the questions and comments they’ve offered during those hearings. Medicaid expansion supporters raised the issue at the Committee hearing in […]


Written by CPPP Health and Wellness Intern Julia Von Alexander Currently there have been 49 recorded cases of people with Zika virus in Texas, almost all acquired from foreign travel. But experts believe that mosquitos carrying Zika will come to the Gulf Coast soon. While Texas has started a campaign telling people to protect themselves from mosquito […]


We get a lot of “numbers” questions: about uninsured Texans, and Texas Medicaid, and about how many could get covered if our state accepted federal dollars allocated to cover our low-income adults.  One challenge is that the numbers keep changing over time.  This blog post launches our latest updated estimates of the number of uninsured […]

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