Texas Well and Healthy is a grassroots, statewide campaign to ensure Texans have access to health coverage they need. We are a broad, statewide initiative, closely affiliated with Cover Texas Now, a coalition dedicated to ensuring every Texan has access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Our campaign is led by  Texans Care for Children, the Center for Public Policy Priorities, Children’s Defense Fund – Texas, and Progress Texas in conjunction with the national KidsWell Campaign from the Atlantic Philanthropies and “Getting to the Finish Line,” a project of the Packard Foundation. Our successes are made possible with support of a wide network of faith communities, parents, health providers, and advocacy groups across Texas and the country.


We work to ensure that:

– Texas protects Medicaid and CHIP for children and all Texans who are better served when Medicaid and CHIP stay strong.

– Our state accepts federal funds to close the health care Coverage Gap. Closing the gap will provide insurance to low-wage workers, create jobs, and relieve pressure on local taxpayers.

– Texans know how to access health care coverage through the Marketplace, Medicaid, and CHIP.


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