Benefits Of Online And Local Drugstores: How To Choose?

Since the first online pharmacy in Canada or US, having the opportunity to buy drugs without having to leave one’s home immediately manifested itself as a good thing for those who had already acquired online. This is possible both for over-the-counter and for those requiring a prescription.

When It Is Best To Buy Drugs Online

All you have to do is go to the website of your favorite online pharmacy, among those we recommend is certainly Nu-Edge Online Pharmacy. Within its extensive and detailed online catalog, you can buy products from the best brands at a competitive price. Shipping, fast and cheap is the icing on the cake of this excellent online pharmacy.


Buying drugs from an online pharmacy is often much cheaper, if you compare the prices in traditional pharmacies. All you need to complete the order is a personal computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection. This, in addition to saving you money is also able to save you a lot of time. In fact, you will not need to go to the pharmacy to make a purchase.

This solution is ideal for people with disabilities or older people. Not having to go to the pharmacy firsthand to buy drugs, is able to offer them some form of independence. The further convenience can therefore be seen in time that is saved and in the convenience of service.

Convenient price

Just like it happens in many other online stores, online pharmacies are able to offer the same products that you would find in real pharmacies but at a lower price. The reduction of the final cost to the user is certainly one of the key points on which the success of this type of online activity rests. The reduction of steps in the distribution chain of drugs, in this case brings a huge advantage for end consumers.


Some people are not always happy to show in public that they go to the pharmacy to buy drugs. This situation often occurs when the drugs that are acquired are intended for treatment for sexually transmitted diseases or in the case of “embarrassing” diseases. Online pharmacies, in this case are an excellent solution to enjoy privacy when buying medicines. Just make an order using a personal computer, and you can receive an anonymous package containing all that you have ordered from your home.

Detailed consultations

While browsing the pages of the online pharmacy, you can benefit from the consultation and advice from pharmacists who are online. In fact, if to offer a better service to their customers, online pharmacies are increasingly making staff available to respond to the most common doubts that users may have.

Moreover, in many cases there is a section dedicated to the most frequently asked questions and answers made during purchases. This part of the online pharmacy service cannot always be matched by real pharmacies. The lack of staff or the large number of customers who are in front of the desk, do not always allow the pharmacist to follow in the best way the customer who comes to buy a drug or receive advice.

The implementation of the European Directive 2011/62 / EU is certainly an important first step for the pharmaceutical e-commerce in Italy, considering that in several countries of the European Community it is already possible to buy online medicines that require a prescription. An additional guarantee for users who can be sure to purchase products that meet quality, safety and traceability standards from professionals, given that at present there are still numerous illegal foreign sites linked to the sale of prescription drugs, on which the probability of running into false or potentially dangerous medicines is estimated at around 70%.

Absolutely not: when users begin to take notice of the possibility of buying over-the-counter drugs online it will be much easier to identify the illegal pharmacies that are currently 95% of those present online. Advice and online sales must not overlap with the figure of the pharmacist on the territory that must remain the first reference of the citizen and must instead be a parallel channel that can facilitate the many people who have problems reaching the pharmacy physically.

The dynamics that involve the online purchasing process are so many and varied. A common place is certainly the search for the best price that you can check by browsing the various comparators. Very often we resort to online purchases for products not available in the pharmacy at home. Our customers are above all the many workers who, because of the frenetic work rhythms, make their lunch break a good time to shop online or people with chronic or disabled conditions who take advantage of the wide range of online products to buy from the comfort of home.

When Local Pharmacy Beats Online Drugstore

At the same time, there may be a time when it is more opportune to check out what your local drugstore has to offer. It is best done when you need your medicines for today and cannot afford losing any time. In order to receive the medication that has been just prescribed to you as an emergency, or if you fail to get your refills timely – this is when your local pharmacy can save the day.

With a walk-in pharmacy, you save on a shipping fee, but most importantly, you do not subject the drugs you buy to the dangers of transportation. It is a known fact that it takes many requirements to meet for the drug shipping to be safe, and there is always a risk that temperature excursions can do damage to drugs. Buying them off a brick-and-mortar pharmacy means to take the second-guessing about the quality of delivery out of the equation.