How Clean Is Your Skin? Skin Care Tips from Canadian Health&Care Mall

Many people are concerned about facial skin problems and would like to know how to make their skin beautiful, clean and healthy. We’ve decided to ask Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists to give some useful information on the issue. So, here are their tips.

The Healthier the Body – the Better the Skin

Skin Care

Numerous creams and skin care product are advertised every day. And they can indeed solve some problems. However, health and beauty of the skin depend on the overall state of the body.

Drinking Enough Water Is the Way to Moisturized and Glowing Skin

Adequate hydration is fundamental to good health, while dehydration is considered to be the cause of many diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and lack of energy. As for appearance, water can be helpful in losing excess weight and keeping your skin young and fresh. Water helps your body to eliminate its waste products. Drink several glasses of pure filtered (unboiled) water daily; beverages and soups don’t count. The loss of liquid by epidermis cells usually goes together with dry anemic skin and premature wrinkles. Drinking lots of water is especially important for those regularly visiting solarium in order to prevent skin dryness and dehydration. It would be perfect to abstain from alcohol and caffeine drinks as well.

Pay More Attention to Your Diet

Those eating promiscuously can hardly expect to have glowing skin. It’s recommended to abstain from convenience products, fast food and harmful snacks such as chips or salted nuts. Minimize the amount of refined products (white bread, white rice) and sugar, sweets and chocolate. Instead of them give preference to fresh and raw food that is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Fruits, vegetables, greenery, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains should become a mainstay of your diet. It’s better to exclude products containing saturated fats such fatty beef/mutton/pork, sausages and cheeses, butter and confectionery with margarine. The abovementioned food not only causes various long term diseases, but also affects your beauty and attractiveness.

Don’t Neglect a Good Night’s Sleep

People who don’t get enough sleep can be easily recognized by swollen faces with a pale complexion, tired skin and dark shadows beneath their eyes. The earlier you go to bed – the better. Skin regeneration, cell rebuilding and collagen restoration take place during sleep. Melatonin, an anti-aging hormone, is produced in complete darkness, so turn the lights off when going to bed.

Quit Smoking

People often tend to underappreciate the damaging effects of smoking. It deprives the skin of oxygen, impairing its ability to breathe. It constricts the blood vessels, accelerates the aging process and depletes the body of vitamins. The reduced blood flow to the skin can have short- and long-term impacts, including wrinkles, an increased risk of infection and even skin cancer development. Smoking chronically also deprives skin of nutrients. Certain chemicals in tobacco smoke cause collagen and elastin destruction, leading to sagging skin, wrinkling and uneven skin coloring. The smoke also increases the amount of free radicals – unstable molecules that destruct the molecules around them, including elastin and collagen. During smoking the body looses a large amount of vitamin C, thus preventing collagen production. The aging process accelerates; the skin becomes yellowed, dull and dry.

Exfoliate Your Skin Using Soft Methods

From time to time your skin needs help to get rid of dead keratinized epidermal cells. Regular exfoliation allows it to remain soft and smooth and prevents formation of acne and zits. You don’t need to use chemical-based cleansing products for this purpose. You can use soft face and body scrubs and exfoliants – for example, two or four times a month. You can also use exfoliating masks with fruit acids or even fresh fruit from your refrigerator to remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess sebum. This lets your skin breathe and improves blood circulation. There’re more possible natural exfoliating agents – oatmeal, a combination of sugar and olive oil, green tea leaves, coffee grounds, orange peel powder and so on. Don’t cleanse and exfoliate your skin too often and aggressively – this will probably increase sebum production, thus leading to pores clogging and zits.

Be Careful When Choosing Cosmetics

Today it’s often a challenge for a woman to choose useful or at least safe cosmetics. Many companies pay more attention to marketing than to effectiveness and properties of their products. If you learn to read and understand the creams’ composition, you won’t have to spend money on useless cosmetics and will be able to choose the products with the desired effect. And try to avoid buying cosmetics with aggressive components that can irritate or dry the skin, clog the pores, prevent the skin from breathing, thus leading to formation of acne or comedones.

Use Proper Pharmaceutical Skin Care Products

Improving skin through overall health improvement is a long process that requires efforts and discipline. Of course, we often want more quick and obvious results, and that’s when we need products for external use, which provide the necessary cosmetic and medical effect. Products for treating various skin disorders are available at Canadian Health&Care Mall. There you can find anti-wrinkle, nourishing and moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing creams; products for treatment of acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, bacterial and fungal skin infections. There’re also products with natural components (such as Himalaya herbal cosmetics) – purifying wash, peel-off masks, creams against dark under-eye circles, etc.