A lot happened under the radar last week in the debate about Texas developing an alternative to Medicaid expansion. Let’s take a look:   – The Texas Association of Business released its new legislative priorities, including: “Medicaid expansion. Support a private insurance model that includes copays and a sliding scale in order to reduce

As we near the launch of the second Marketplace enrollment period this Saturday, uninsured consumers are gearing up to Stop, Shop, and Enroll. But what if you already have 2014 Marketplace coverage—do you also need to act during open enrollment? In general, most people with existing 2014 Marketplace coverage will be automatically re-enrolled in their

Two big things just happened related to the Health Insurance Marketplace. I’ll give you the good news first. The Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov opened up for window shopping – you can see the plans and prices that will be available to you for 2015 coverage. This gives you several extra days to identify your needs and find plans

Getting affordable health insurance can make a world of difference to children, parents, and other Texans. It can mean a child gets back to school fast when he’s sick, a Texas women gets healthy before she’s pregnant, and a family avoids the crushing stress of going bankrupt from medical bills. Starting November 15, more Texans will be able to get

The new Health Insurance Marketplace provides a useful way for people to find and compare quality health plans. But the ability to shop for plans easily isn’t what really makes the Marketplace work for families. The Affordable Care Act instituted, for the first time, a broad system to help low- to middle-income families pay for the cost of private

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 6, 2014 Contact: Anat Kelman Shaw, AKelman@childrensdefense.org 713.664.4080 (o), 832.488.8242 (c)   Number of Texas Children without Health Coverage Nearing 1 Million AUSTIN, TX – A new report by a Georgetown University research center found the number of uninsured children in Texas declined by 4.4 percent

Millions of uninsured Texans may be eligible for affordable coverage options in the new Health Insurance Marketplace, but too many don’t know about their coverage options or how to enroll. This is one reason why in-person enrollment assistance is critical. In-person assistance is incredibly effective, and research done during the first open enrollment

Let’s clear up a few misstatements about what happens to hospital emergency room visits after states expand Medicaid. Studies from Oregon, California, and Arkansas show that their ER visits and expenditures declined after those states expanded Medicaid, although in some cases there was a brief, initial increase. The Oregon report has been cited

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